Neuroimaging consulting

Target audience:
1. Innovative start-ups which want to develop products based on advance neuroimaging method
2. Companies which want to understand consumers’ behaviour based on neuro- and psychological method
3. Institute which needs a clear and comprehensible overview from scientific reports

Self Reflected, 22K gilded microetching, 96″ X 130″, 2014-2016, Greg Dunn and Brian Edwards. The entire Self Reflected microetching under white light. (photo by Greg Dunn and Will Drinker. More artworks on Source:

What do we offer:
1. Literature review and report in comprehensible language
2. Experimental design, paradigm proposal
3. Pilot study
4. Participant recruitment
5. Data analysis and statistics
6. Finding reporting
7. Interpretation and comprehensive suggestion
8. Documentation
9. Future direction and practical suggestion

What qualify us to do so:
1. Over 10 years experience in human cognitive labs at privilege universities in Taiwan, the Netherlands and Germany
2. Hand-on experience on neuroimaging methods
3. Multiple research grants award winner
4. Experience as advisor for neuroscience publication and R&D for private company (for reference please write to )
5. Science communication author