Mini Atelier

Atelier is a studio, a workshop for artist to create arts. A mini atelier is a place where children could express, play and experiment with various materials.

Based on the developmental stage of the children, at Riverside, courses are offered in mixed groups: 1. Babys and Toddlers (ca. 10-18 18-24 month old). 2. Preschoolers (2-4, 4-6 year old). 3. Elementary school kids (6-8, 8-10 year old).

Is it a drawing or arts school? No, mini atelier is not an arts school. The concept of mini atelier is to enjoy the process of creating, externalizing ideas, giving the children space and materials to express themselves. Through this process, children gain confidence, train their way of thinking. Their motoric and sensory abilities are enhanced, especially social emotional development.

Are you an artist? No, I am a hobby creator and dancer. A certified child care provider and promoted cognitive neuroscientist. My roll at the mini atelier is to introduce materials and possibilities for children. To guide the basic usage of tools and materials, to facilitate children’s thinking and making process. To set up the environment to welcome the children to engage and to interact with the space and materials.

How is cognition (psychology) related to this concept? Cognition is how people perceive and believe things are. The world is formed by the way how we believe and think it is. My role in social and cultural education is to inquire and to encourage the children to become whom they are. Thinking is very powerful. Creative and independent thinking are the keys to problem solving. Mini atelier is place to provide a safe and rich environment for discovery and exploration.