Business Language Coaching – Presentation/ Pitch Training

Target audience: Start up, individual, Representative sales

You are preparing for a pitch event, a presentation at a formal meeting? You are not confident about the level of profession, your presentation skills and most of all, the clarity of the information you want to deliver to your business partner?

Here comes Dr. Bai Business Language Coaching service.

Dr. Bai will help you to

  1. Structure your presentation content (logical, clear and concise)
  2. Presentation skill (speech, non-verbal communication)
  3. English intonation, etiquette and specific usage of language

Qualification: On top of her scientific experience to study the way how we learn and think (Cognitive neuroscience), Dr. Bai possesses experience in English linguistics and teaching English as second language. She is experienced in teaching adult English for over ten years. In addition, she is a successful award-winner for various scholarship program and pitch event.

Coaching package:

A. Individual coaching: I will understand your current presentation and help you to be ready to present in front of your client, sponsor, investor, or jury

B. Group training: introduction to presentation and communication, practical examples, hand-on exercises

Price: 70-160 EUR/ hour

How is this different from a traditional English language lesson? Dr. Bai guides you to discover your way of communication and instructs you to arrive at a mutual understanding with your audience. It is about to become a thinker then a speaker. To really know about your strength, your selling point and your passion. THIS is how you are going to present your(self) product/ idea/ proposal. And how you are going to win it all.

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