First trimester screening in Germany Part II-X

What if you and your partner have different opinion?

As there is no history of genetic disorder in my family neither in my partner’s family, I was more in favor of not doing any of these tests. My reasons are 1. I would like to avoid unnecessary medical visit, blood or smearing sampling 2. I do not think that my fetus is unhealthy 3. Even so, I would not consider an abortion. So my mental strategy is in fact to believe that my fetus is healthy and live as how it is.

As for my partner, he suggests that if some disorder is predicted, he would like to be informed early. I understood that he would also not go for a termination of pregnancy. And this test would be more like just in case.

We talked to our midwife about this. And I said that I am not interested, whereas I will still do it so that he will feel more informed. Then my partner complaint afterwards that I put it in a way as if we do not have any consensus.

We talked it through and I contacted my gynecologist and informed them that we would choose the combined NT-Messung test (combined blood test with Nuchal scan). The assistance then moved my appointment from the afternoon to the morning. I guess that because the lab picks up blood sample in the morning.

At that time, I already thought that luckily I contacted them promptly before my scheduled appointment. If I would have waited till the appointment, then I will need to pay an extra visit and the screening test will be delayed some days or weeks again.

On the screening appointment

On that day, the nurse ran a routine prenatal care: measuring my weight and blood pressure. I had to sign some agreements and payment papers. A part of it which costs 100 EUR, I need to pay immediately in the clinic, by cash or bank debit card. The rest of the cost will be sent to me related to the blood sampling test. It was a Monday morning.

Are you ready for the positive test result?

If you are like me living in Germany during this whole covid-19 time, you know well that a positive test result is nothing but bad.

Thursday afternoon, I saw a voice message left on my phone. The doctor called. The message was left around 12:50 before the lunch break, and end of the morning session. She said that “the test result shows some noticeable finding. Please contact us directly.”

This clinic is open 5 days a week in the morning, but only two afternoons, namely on Mondays and Thursdays. I was so lucky to hear this message on a Thursday afternoon, within an hour before the afternoon session reopens. Otherwise, I would need to wait until the next morning to reach anyone in this clinic.

I tried to put myself together and decided that I will go in person. I called my partner who also coincidentally has his shift on this day till around 14:30.

At 15:00, we both appeared at the door of the clinic.

In Germany, I often struggle to know if I could just go somewhere, or if it is better first to make an appointment to avoid a closing door or a rejection in my face. This happens too many things and kills my courage. This time the severity was implicitly agreed among all.

As it is Covid time, it also states at the front door that no accompany is allowed. We entered together and I said “The doctor called.” Then we were asked to be seated nearby the reception instead of the regular waiting room.

This clinic is ran by two gynecologists. The one at the afternoon shift was the one who practiced the NT test on Monday. The one who called was another one.

We were invited to the speaking room very fast. The doctor even had my medical record already beside her desk as if they were expecting us sooner or later.

She addressed to my partner “it is good that you are also here.”

Me too, in fact.

to be continued…